Wheel Alignment Leeds

What is wheel alignment?

Wheel alignment also known as “tracking” refers to the angle and direction at which vehicle tyres are set.

From accidently hitting kerbs or by driving through potholes can have an adverse effect on your vehicle and result in wheel misalignment. Misaligned tyres can affect road holding, an increase of fuel consumption and decreases the life of your tyres.

How do I know if my wheels need to be aligned?
Typical signs of wheel misalignment:

- Uneven tyre wear
- Steering wheel pull; you may find that your steering will pull either to the left or to the right on a level surface

How can I get my wheels aligned?

If you spot the signs of misaligned wheels or require a professional second opinion. Simply visit us or call Office: 0113 248 0513 Workshop 1: 07540 969 385 Workshop 2: 07405 089 213 07405 089 213